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Swim Lessons
American River Water Polo Club’s commitment to aquatics now includes swim lessons; ages 2-13.  Swim lessons are for swimmers without any water experience to those who need to become more proficient.  We will teach and improve a swimmer’s skills in small groups or as individuals with highly qualified teachers.  Our goal is to provide quality instruction at a reasonable price to grow our aquatic community and save lives at the same time.  Swimming is a life skill that we would like to share with everyone.

High School Aged Athletes - Age 13-18

Water Polo

Winter High School Program

  • Combined program of recreational and competitive athletes
  • Conditioning is included with this program

Summer High School Program

  • Recreational program to gear up for HS season
  • 4 weeks meets 3 times a week

Competitive 16U and 18U Teams

  • Spring-Summer Season and Winter HS program
  • Training to compete in a National Championship
  • Conditioning is included during the summer months
  • Additional position based training program available at an added cost during the summer​


Summer Swim Team- 18 and under

  • Mon-Thurs for 4 weeks - no weekend commitment 

Water Polo Conditioning- Ages 12-18

  • ​Program is for our competitive athletes. We believe that fitness is essential to play at an athlete's highest potential.

Athletes Under 13 

Water Polo

Youth League- Ages 5-13

  • Introductory League - Spring, Summer & Fall
  • ​Program offered in Arden-Arcade, Land Park and Fair Oaks.
  • ​Noodle ball 5-8, Micro Polo 9-11, Youth Polo 12-13

Competitive Teams- 10U, 12U & 14U

  • More regular practice with the understanding that athletes have other activities.
  • Fall-Winter (mid Oct- mid Feb) 
  • Spring-Summer (End Feb- end July)

Competitive Youth Clinic- 12U & 14U 

​            This is for returning AR Competitive Program

            athletes AND athletes invited to participate by the

            ARWPC Coaching Staff. (Fall Clinic)


Swim Lessons- Ages 2-13

  • Offered in the summer weeks to teach athletes to swim

Summer Swim Team - Ages 4-18

  • Mon-Thurs for 5 weeks- no weekend commitment 
  • Technique and efficiency training of all four swim strokes

 Position Clinic
This four-week program is open to all competitive AR athletes who are looking for more position based instruction by two of our club's most elite coaches.  This is an excellent opportunity for all of our competitive athletes to get the highest level of coaching despite age or gender!  These practices will be specific high level position based instruction geared toward laying the foundation for excellence within each position.  Some of these skills need hours of repetition to become natural and be preformed at a high level while in a game situation.  This camp will provide more repetition that an athlete might not be getting while coaches are trying to review tactics and team attacks. Clinic skills are lead by Heather Moody and Zac Koerner in their area's of expertise. 

Fall/Winter 10/12/14U Competitive Program
Mid-Oct - Beginning of Feb
This program is for athletes who wants more then the youth league experience.  Prior experience with American River WPC is not required, though some water polo experience is recommended. Good swimming ability is a must. Athletes that are unsure if they will be able to keep up or if they will enjoy this level of water polo are encouraged to register and attend the first practice. There is a maximum number of spots available for each age group and registration does not guarantee a spot on the roster; we will try to avoid making cuts by creating additional teams in affected age groups. These teams are a great place to start if your athlete would like to play in high school.  With this training they will develop skills and confidence that will carry them into their high school careers.

Our conditioning program is a water polo specific conditioning that will include swimming and polo specific skills.  These high intensity practices are designed to quickly condition and produce results that will greatly improve athletes over all performances.  We believe that our competitive athletes need more opportunities to become conditioned and we are now able to offer this with the best possible instruction.  These practices are included for all competitive program fees.  Conditioning practices will be held in the winter and summer sessions.

Fall Youth Competitive Clinic
For returning Competitive Youth (12U and 14U) Boys and Girls AND athletes invited by the ARWPC Coaching Staff to participate in Competitive Youth Clinic.  This is a skills program provided to our returning 12/14U players to have the opportunity to keep up with their fundamentals before the Fall/Winter Competitive program begins. Coach Moody and Coach Koerner are excited for this opportunity to work with AR's younger competitive athletes.

Clinic will be held on Sundays, September through mid- October from 3-5pm at Rio Americano HS.  

Summer High School Program
Open to boys and girls ages 13-18 (generally entering grades 9-12) of all skill levels.  Practices will be led by an experienced coaching staff.  This is a lower commitment then our competitive program allowing athletes to practice and refine fundamentals before the high school season in the fall.  Players will be taught and instructed on all aspects of water polo, focusing on fundamental individual skills, with opportunities to put these skills into action with daily scrimmages and games at all practices.

 Youth League 
American River Water Polo Club’s Youth league is a 5 week session for boys and girls ages 5-13 (not yet in high school)… from beginners to experienced water polo players and everything in between.  This is a program intended to introduce the sport of water polo fundamentals in a fun and positive environment. Younger and inexperienced athletes are encouraged to use the "noodles" (provided by us) to stay afloat while learning to pass and shoot. Using the "noodles" at this age helps them learn to have proper body position without having to worry about staying above water.  ARWPC offers programs in Folsom, Arden/Arcade and Land Park in the Spring, Summer and Fall.  This is the best way to introduce kids to the great sport of water polo. ​

Summer Swim Team- Technique and Efficiency Instruction
Want a summer swim team where your weekends and holidays are open for your family?  Then this is the program is for you and your swimmer(s)!  Who would not like to spend their summer days in the pool having fun and their weekends open for adventure?  We are excited to offer this great opportunity to the community to get more athletes swimming!  

This four-week swim team is designed to provide high caliber instruction for the individual swimmer or water polo player to improve their swimming skills and efficiency in the water.  Instructors will focus on the techniques for all the swimming strokes with the emphasis on proper head and body position by the best instruction possible!   Progress will be charted by weekly time trials during practice, to test speed and efficiency. ​

Competitive Teams:
ARWPC hosts teams for boys and girls 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U. 

Fall/Winter 10/12/14U- October- February
Winter HS Program 16/18U - End November- February
Spring/Summer Competitive Teams 10/12/14/16/18U - End February-End July
*Team age qualification is determined by age as of August 1st, 2019. Our teams are designed to compete at National Junior Olympics, teams will be age based: 12 & Under means you are 12 or 11 on August 1, 2019; 14 & Under means you are 14 or 13 on August 1, 2019; 16 & Under means you are 16 or 15 on August 1, 2019; and 18 & Under means you are 18 or 17 on August 1, 2019.

10U Co-ED team is meant to be an introductory level of competitive club play.  We encourage all that are interested to come out and try a practice or two.  We are not looking for the biggest and fastest kids at age 8, 9 or 10 (though we will gladly welcome them!), but rather kids that love the water and are looking for a fun, team sport to play while in the pool.  Good swimming ability is essential, as water polo is hard to enjoy if you are barely able to keep up with the other players. Look to start practices in May.

12U-14U teams we are focused on creating a love for the sport and instilling basic fundamentals.  Prior experience with ARWPC is not required, though some water polo experience is recommended.  Good swimming is a must.  We recognize that athletes have other commitments but also know that the more athletes put in the more they will get out of the program.  With focus and commitment athletes will have a great fundamental base, confidence and strong friendships that will continue through high school.  We feel that by playing on a competitive team at this age helps significantly with athlete’s transition into high school. 

16U-18U teams are focused on fielding nationally competitive water polo teams. The main aim and goal of this program, however, is to instill in each athlete the values of discipline, work ethic, confidence and overall good character. We will be teaching fundamental water polo (what the best players in the world work on every day) that will allow our athletes to reach their individual potential and compete at the highest possible level within a team.  Participating in the competitive program you are committing to water polo first.  This means strict time management: finishing homework, studying, swimming, other activities and commitments.  This can be done! We have had MANY athletes through our program who manage it all…and reap the benefits of learning how to manage their time early and find success in college and in successful careers after college (and water polo).

Winter High School Program

End of Nov- Second week of Feb
Open to all high school water polo athletes.  This program is comprised of both competitive and non-competitive athletes.  Players will be taught and instructed on all aspects of water polo, focusing on individual fundamental skills, with opportunities to play games within our region.  Our winter program is run by all of our most experienced competitive coaches.  We hope that you come out, join us enjoy our program and choose to play competitive in the Spring-Summer session.

What programs do you have for my athlete?

ARWPC Programming

American River Water Polo Club is one of the top water polo clubs in the country, proudly boasting one of the most experienced and well respected coaching staffs of any youth sports organization in the region. If you are looking for a youth sports program that seeks to teach water polo skills to young men and women, but to do it with more important life lessons in mind, then ARWPC is the place for you and your children. While over a hundred ARWPC alumni have gone on to play collegiate water polo in the past 8 years alone, we are more pleased with the valuable life lessons and values that all of our kids have been exposed to while playing with ARWPC.


*More program specific information can be found on the registration page.  By clicking the register now button on the left of the registration page more information about the program will appear.

 Striving to instill discipline, teamwork, commitment and confidence
in our athletes.