Striving to instill discipline, teamwork, commitment and confidence
in our athletes.

 A Non-Profit
Water Polo Club

American River Water Polo Club

12U/14U Fall-Winter Competitive Teams

October 17, 2019 - February 6, 2020

*With the large number of registered athletes we have made

some changes to accommodate everyone.

Water Polo Practices - Rio Americano HS

     Oct 17th- Nov 21th-

                Boys - Thurs 5:30-7:00p @ ARC

                            Sunday 14U Boys 1-3p @ Rio Americano

                            Sunday 12U Boys 3-5p @ Rio Americano

                Girls - Thurs 5:30-7:00p @ ARC

                           Sunday Girls 3-5p @ Rio Americano

     Dec 2nd-Feb 6th-

                Boys Mon/Wed 5:30-7:15 @ Rio Americano

                         *Some 14U boys will be invited to 7:15-9:00p

                Girls Tues/Thurs 5:30-7:15p @ Jesuit

Conditioning Practice *included with fee but not mandatory 

     Dec 2nd- Jan 30th-

               Girls Mon/Wed  5:30-7p @ Jesuit HS

               Boys Tues/Thurs 4:00-5:30 AND 5:30-7p @ Jesuit HS

*No AR practice Nov 25-29th & Dec 20th-Jan 3rd

Open to boys and girls. 8th grade & Under (14U) and 6th grade & Under (12U). Led by the most experienced youth water polo
coaching staff in the region, this program seeks to build competitive water polo teams upon a foundation of fundamental skills, character and value lessons, and plenty of water polo fun.

Fall/Winter Program Fee is $415.

Fee includes:  Four months of practices (water polo & conditioning), local games, pool rent, entry fees, coaches and equipment. This will also included is a conditioning component Dec 2-Jan 30th held at Jesuit HS.  This will be held for all athletes to condition on the days they do not have water polo practice.  Conditioning will be swim and a dryland component. 
Girls - Mon/Wed at 5:30-7:00p at Jesuit
Boys - Tues/Thurs from 3:30-5:00 AND 5:30-7:00p at Rio Americano HS.
-Participants must also be registered with USA Water Polo. *If new to registration please register after Nov. 1 to have it go through Dec 2020
- Payment plans are available upon request, but arrangement of a payment does not imply a reduction in the program fee. Scholarships are available in limited circumstances. Please contact our Registrar at 

Prior experience with American River WPC is not required, though some water polo experience is recommended. Good swimming ability is a must. Athletes that are unsure if they will be able to keep up or if they will enjoy this level of water polo are encouraged to register and attend the first practice. There is a maximum number of spots available for each age group and registration does not guarantee a spot on the roster; we will try to avoid making cuts by creating additional teams in affected age groups.  Our focus at these age groups is to lay a solid foundation of fundamental while igniting a love for the sport.


Coaching Staff:

Performance Director: Heather Moody
14U Boys: Rachel Ruano, Adam Carter & John Price
14U Girls: Alison Hamby
12U Boys: Rafael Ruano
12U Girls:  Xanthe Pleacia and Hannah Widman

Conditioning: Kyle Keller

Games/Tournaments: (Dates are subject to change, times TBD)

  • Teams will be entered into regional tournament dates TBA
  • Kap7 tournament Feb 7-9th (Irvine, CA)**

*"Travel" tournaments (for which the team will need to travel out of the area and spend the night) will be planned as far in advance as possible and only athletes participating will be charged a tournament trip fee (to cover entry fee and coaches' costs; and athlete costs if the team travels and lodges together). 

All athletes must be USWP registered.  Please register for the 2019 year, registration for 2019 year begins Nov 1st. Please get a trial to gap the coverage if you are new.