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2023 Spring Social


Support ARWPC in our 11th Annual Fundraiser!

Join us for our annual Auction.  This evening is a fun social event for our parents to enjoy the evening and raise funds to help offset rising costs of running a club as well as scholarships that are offered. 

2023 Spring-Summer Competitive Program ​
Feb 28 - July 18 

For Junior Olympics, teams will be age based: 10 & Under means you are still under 10 years old on August 1st, 2023, 12 & Under means you are 12 or 11 on August 1, 2023; 14 & Under means you are 14 or 13 on August 1, 2023; 16 & Under means you are 16 or 15 on August 1, 2023; and 18 & Under means you are 18 or 17 on August 1, 2023.

The Competitive Program is designed for boys and girls who have played at least one season of water polo and want to play at a more competitive level. Practices will be led by our most experienced coaches. Athletes are expected to commit to make ALL practices and games.

We will field teams per gender in each age group (10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U).

Who can/should join the Competitive Program? Anyone that has very good swimming ability and at least one season of water polo experience can try out the Competitive Program.  If you are selected onto the team, you will need to make a commitment to attend ALL practices and scheduled events (barring emergencies and approved absences). If you want a memorable experience with other hard working and accomplished young men and women, you should try out to play in this competitive program. All athletes must be Gold USA Water Polo Members (declare American River WPC - club number 85) and must complete the age verification process (one time only).

To Register
Please REGISTER for the program PRIOR to the first practice.
YOU WILL NOT BE BILLED DURING REGISTRATION.  We will not bill any earlier than March 9th.  Please update your account information (especially your current grade in school and t-shirt size).  If you have concerns about the fee and payment, please contact Rachel Ruano at . 

Participants must also be Gold members of USA Water Polo.  
USWP Registration can be found at
To verify your age with USWP (only one time) and must have a current photo of your athlete on their profile.

The PROGRAM FEE is reflective of the actual costs of running the 5+ month program (pool rental, coaches’ stipends for 140+ hours of practice and games, equipment, entry fees, administrative fees, etc. The program fee comes out to about $7/hr for practice time only, significantly lower when games/tournament time is factored in. When compared to other comparable water polo programs, such as the Olympic Development Program  or a typical college water polo day camp ($500+ for 30-40 hrs), the American River WPC Competitive Program is more than competitively priced considering the nationally/internationally recognized caliber of our coaching staff. Furthermore, when compared to other youth competitive sports, such as soccer, volleyball or softball, the ARWPC fee is as much as 1/5 of comparable programs.

*The program fee does not include travel trips.  Those tournaments will be billed at the time of the trip and will be charged only to those athletes playing in those tournaments.  These fees will cover: hotel, coach's fee, transportation and entry fee.  These fees are typically around $160 for the boys and under $300 per travel trip for the girls (Junior Olympics around $300 for the boys and $600 for the girls, because it is a longer tournament with significantly higher entry fees).  The girl's program travels as a team with the coach in a team van.  We have found this to be a successful formula that builds strong women's teams and has proved to be the most cost effective approach.  The boys programs will travel and stay with a parent or chaperone. 

Practices will be held as follows:

 All Practices are mandatory. We will be practicing THREE or FOUR days a week June-July. Our training schedule is designed to prepare our teams for competition against Nationally competitive clubs that are training 4-5 days week and playing more competitive games on a regular basis. 



Feb 28-June 8

   *No practice April 3-7

12U/14U Girls - TuesdayThursday  (Feb 28-April 27 6:30-8:15/ May 2-June 9 5:30-7:15) @ Rio Americano HS
12U/14U Boys - Monday/Wednesday 5:30-7:30p @ Rio Americano HS
16U/18U Girls -Tues/Thurs 7:15-9:00p (Feb 28-April 27 @ ARC & May 2-June 9 @ Rio HS
16U/18U Boys - Mon/Wed 7:15-9:00p (Feb 28-April 27 @ ARC or Rio May2-June 9 @ Rio HS or Jesuit HS)

June 13- July 18 (Boys July 13)

*No practice July 3rd & 4th

12U/14U Girls - Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday  5:00-7:00p @ Jesuit HS
12U/14U Boys - Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 5:30-7:30p @ Rio HS

16U/18U Girls - Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs 7:30-9:30p @ Rio Americano HS
16U/18U Boys - Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs 3:30-5:30p OR 7:30-9:30p @ Rio Americano HS or 7:00-9:00 @ Jesuit HS

Unfortunately we will not host Summer Conditioning Practices this summer with ARC down we do not have room.

​Travel trips are an extra fee- This fee comprises of the tournament entry fee and coaches fees that will be split between the total number of traveling athletes.  Both boys and girls will be traveling with a parent or a chaperone to all travel trips.  Our girls' teams will not be traveling or staying together as a team this season.