Striving to instill discipline, teamwork, commitment and confidence
in our athletes.

 A Non-Profit
Water Polo Club

American River Water Polo Club

Assessment- The first lesson in each session will be an evaluation session to properly assess the level of each swimmer and properly group them to maximize their learning.

Register here- (lesson times in the middle of program registration) You can sign up for a specific time slot (as available per group lesson) but assignment of coaches will be made after the evaluation on the first Monday of each session.  

Proficient swimmers are encouraged to swim with our Summer Swim team.  Our swim team (does not compete with other teams) will teach the swim strokes and how to be a more effective and efficient swimmer.  Without the weekend commitment; time trials weekly at practice to gage improvement.   

American River Water Polo Club has been holding low cost swim lessons for a number of years. We believe that water safety and learn to swim is a very important aspect of living here in Sacramento.  We are concerned by water safety and the low percentage of swimming ability among the lower-income communities. We also recognize that there are limited resources for low income families to learn how to swim. Last summer we partnered with Raley's and W.E.T. to provide lessons to students from Howe Ave.  This program was a huge success and we hope to include another Title 1 school next year.  Thank you to Raley's and W.E.T. for supporting the Sacramento community by allowing us to provide more lifesaving skills to young students.

Swim Lessons
​Summer of 2021

Unfortunately we will not host swim lessons this year

Small Group Lessons (Group of 3)
​$80 per session or after June 1st $85 per session

  • Group lessons are 2 weeks per session
  • Mon-Thur (8 lessons) for 25 min the same time each day.  
  • Lessons will start at the top and bottom of the hour.  

     Our goal at American River Water Polo Club is to provide quality swim lessons at an affordable price.  We are committed to the growth of the aquatic community and see a need for affordable lessons that help young kids be pool ‘safer.’ 

Private Lessons
​$120 per week or after June 1st $125 per week

  • Mon-Thur (4 lessons) for 25 min the same time each day.  
  • Lessons will start at the top and bottom of the hour.  
  • 4 weeks of private lessons are available starting June 17 - July 18

THANK YOU to Raley's and W.E.T. for the sponsoring low income students to receive swim lessons this summer!

At El Camino High School (4300 El Camino Ave., Sacramento)

Small Group (3 kids) and Private Lessons


Starting June 17, 2019
Monday-Thursday - 10:00a - 12:30p 


​*Lessons begin on the top and bottom of the hour for 25 minutes of instruction

Session 1- June 17 - June 27

Session 2- July 8 - 18

Session 3- Canceled

        *We just got word that the facility will be down after July 18